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Flaxseed Oil

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Kill chronic inflammation with flaxseed oil

Chronic inflammation attacks the body, damages the organs, and accelerates the ageing process. Luckily, flaxseed oil is loaded with alpha-linoleic acid (ALA), which supplies your body with anti-inflammatory protection. The stresses of life, a bad diet, environmental chemicals, and certain medicines can cause chronic irritation, which is the genesis of numerous modern diseases. Many health conditions are linked to chronic inflammation such as:

  • asthma
  • diabetes
  • gastritis
  • heart disease
  • cancer1

Regular intake of flaxseed oil helps shield your body against the health destroying impact of chronic inflammation.

Gut health is everything

Without a healthy gut, it’s impossible to have good health. Daily use of flaxseed oil dramatically improves the ratio of good to bad bacteria in the gut.2

More population of good bacteria fortifies your body against environmental stressors and disease. Flaxseed oil is also effective for preventing bloating, diarrhoea, and symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBS).3 It promotes regular bowel movements4 and aids in the treatment of alcoholic liver disease (ALD).5

Keep your blood flowing

Sudden strokes and heart attacks are unfortunate gifts of a modern lifestyle. Inflammation causes plaque build-up in the arteries and blocks blood flow. Flaxseed oil is the richest source of the omega-3 fat (ALA) in the plant kingdom.6 ALA dramatically reduces arterial inflammation that could eventually lead to a stroke.7 If reducing heart attack or stroke risk is top of mind for you, consider adding cold-pressed flaxseed oil to your daily diet.

Your daily brain tonic

Did you know that flaxseed oil improves memory, coordination, mood, and motivation? Would you believe that it also alleviates neurological disorders such as dementia and depression? Evidence strongly suggests that it does.

All of us unknowingly subject our brain to oxidative stress and neurotoxicity for varying lengths of time, from days to years. When sustained, this can create brain deterioration and dysfunction. Unsettling and unpleasant neurological symptoms are quick to follow. Flaxseed oil is your daily fortification against this type of neurological damage.8 Taken daily, flaxseed oil provides the nutrients that improve the function of neurotransmitters (the chemical link between brain and body).9

Lower the risk of breast cancer with compounds in flaxseed oil   

Do you or your family have a genetic predisposition for developing breast cancer? Adding flaxseed oil in the diet is wise prevention because flaxseed oil has the power to fight off certain cancers.

Polyphenols in flaxseed oil scavenge free radicals, reduce inflammation, interfere with estrogen receptors, and can reduce breast cancer risk.10

Flaxseed oil for diabetics

Flaxseed oil is well known to lower blood sugar. Regular doses of flaxseed oil can help prevent the onset of diabetes.11 People who already have diabetes, should consider adding flaxseed oil to control glucose levels.12

Goodbye skin roughness, hypersensitivity, and dryness

Flaxseed oil is one of those rare oils that can actually improve your skin physiology for the better.13 People living with highly sensitive skin can find lasting relief in Kaizer Flaxseed Oil.

Daily supplementation with flaxseed oil can significantly decrease skin sensitivity, roughness, and scaling while increasing the ability to stay hydrated. You will appreciate how flaxseed oil locks in moisture for smooth, soft, and supple skin after just three months of use.

A word of caution

Flaxseed oil can be meaningfully hypotensive. Talk to your doctor if you are on blood pressure lowering medication or pregnant.

How to add flaxseed oil into your diet   

We recommend that you begin supplementing your diet with 1-3 teaspoons of Kaizer’s cold-pressed flaxseed oil every day.

Given its neutral flavour, you can also easily add it to smoothies, salads, and breakfast cereals.

Suggested use

Temperature: Flaxseed oil is a drizzle oil and not suitable for cooking or heating. Use cold.

Storage: Kaizer flaxseed oil is a delicate oil and best refrigerated after opening.

Shelf life:  Opened: within 6 months. Unopened: within 12 months.

The science behind flaxseed oil

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