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Kaizer Virgin Coconut Oil

The radically different flavour of culinary grade virgin coconut oil

Kaizer Coconut Oil is suitable for fine cooking. The lighter aroma is a top choice for more discriminating palates.

Commonplace coconut oil found in the supermarket is produced by heating the nut at a high temperature so more oil can be extracted. This process releases the cheaper oil and the characteristically strong odour.

Kaizer virgin coconut oil is completely different. We selectively source coconuts and cold press them into oil for a lighter taste that retains all the plant nutrients nature provides. Now top-quality coconut oil is available for cooking without the heavy aroma.

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Benefits of Products

Raw coconut oil lights up the brain

Add a dollop of coconut oil in your morning coffee and be more productive all day. Natural unprocessed coconut oil gives you the added brainpower you’re looking for. Coconut oil is the richest source of medium chain triglycerides (MCT), a type of neuro-protective fat, which helps energize the brain. Skip the wild ride that sugar produces with a spike and crash that follows. Get a longer lasting brain boost with Kaizer Coconut Oil. Easy to digest, the fat in coconut oil absorbs instantly in the body to turn into brain fuel.

Stimulate weight loss and shape up with coconut oil

After you digest a meal with coconut oil, the body seeks out the easiest energy source to absorb and that is the coconut oil. The body metabolises the coconut oil more easily because of its faster delivery system. The shorter carbon chains in coconut oil absorb into the bloodstream faster. This means that coconut oil isn’t stored and burns off more quickly. Coconut oil can help overweight individuals boost their metabolism and reduce body fat, especially around the belly.

The type of coconut oil you use in cooking makes a big difference in your cholesterol

Kaizer raw and unheated coconut oil metabolizes differently than fats derived from animals and low-grade oils. Avoid hydrolysed coconut oil, which is full of unhealthy trans fats. While ordinary coconut oil is high in saturated fat, the fat in exceptional quality Kaizer Coconut Oil is mostly medium chain fatty acids, which may not present the usual negative effects of other saturated fats. Virgin coconut oil acts as a cholesterol moderator. It lowers bad cholesterol (LDL), while it increases good cholesterol (HDL).

Nature designed coconut oil for skin, hair, and nail care

The unique chemistry of coconut oil makes it a superb beauty product. The molecules in coconut oil are so small that they absorb quickly to lock in moisture. Coconut oil not only makes hair, nails, and skin silky-smooth; it has strong antimicrobial properties to fight fungus, bacteria, and viruses on the skin, scalp, and nails.

As gentle as it is effective at fighting germs, there are so many uses for coconut oil and the body, we had to make three lists.

Wonderful ways that coconut oil can heal the skin:

  • Get rid of diaper rash
  • Lighten dark spots and skin discolouration
  • Treat athlete’s foot
  • Relieve dryness and cracked skin from shingles
  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  • Remove make-up
  • Moisturise under eyes
  • Lock in moisture on lips
  • Use as massage oil

 Coconut oil repairs weak and unhealthy nails

  • Apply to toenail fungus three times daily (don’t forget to use rubber gloves to prevent spreading!)
  • Hydrate dry nails

Coconut oil for beautiful hair

  • Treat dandruff
  • Condition with a hair mask
  • Moisturize dry ends
  • Smooth frizzy hair
  • Add shine
  • Create a moisture barrier before sun and swim


Creative ideas for preparing food with coconut oil

The mild flavour of this fine culinary oil is comparable in flavour to ghee. Indian, Middle Eastern, and Asian dishes complement the oil's unique, subtly sweet flavour. Coconut oil adds a missing richness to vegan dishes while replacing animal fats.

Here are some ideas on how to cook with coconut oil:

  • Add coconut oil to your coffee
  • Try in your morning eggs.
  • Add to curry for a rich cream and butter replacement
  • Combine with turmeric and add to squash, lentils, rice, chicken, or pork
  • Intensify desserts that contain shredded coconut or nuts
  • Roast vegetables in coconut oil
  • Use coconut oil on your popcorn instead of butter

Be inventive. Keep coconut oil in stock for when inspiration hits you.

Recommended uses

Temperature: Unrefined coconut oil should only be used at low temperatures or not heated at all. Due to its low smoke point, virgin coconut oil is not suitable for deep frying or high heat applications.                                         

Shelf life: Unopened bottles have a 24-month shelf life. Opened bottles are best when used within 12 months.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place.

Kaizer Virgin Coconut Oil