About Us

Our Story

Kaizer was founded with a singular aim: to offer the finest quality oils available anywhere in the world, tailored for those who demand nothing but the best.

At the heart of Kaizer's ethos lie three core principles: quality, purity, and healthfulness. We refrain from refining, heating, or chemically processing our oils to extend their shelf life or enhance their visual appeal. While such processes can improve appearance and longevity, they often strip the oils of their natural vitamins, flavour, and, ultimately, their health benefits. In contrast, Kaizer oils retain their nutrients, vitamins, flavour, aroma, and all of nature's intended healthful properties.

In a world of compromises, we take pride in making the right choices for our health-conscious and quality-focused audience.

Our Customers

The first and most loyal customers of our products are the families of Kaizer's founders. For us to have confidence in our oils, they should be good enough to become the primary oils in our family kitchens.

Our customers span a wide range of ages, from the very young to the elderly. They are people who prioritize health, seek the best products from around the world, and have no tolerance for adulteration, compromised health benefits, or deceptive marketing.

Our Oils

At our core, we are dedicated to sourcing and providing the finest oils, setting a standard that surpasses any other available, regardless of price. Our oils are versatile, and suitable for cooking, drizzling, and promoting health.

We invest significantly in sourcing, ensuring top quality, and conducting regular, thorough testing to uphold this standard. These lab reports are available to our customers upon request. We invite you to enhance your health and well-being by making our oils a staple in your family's kitchen.