About Us

Our Story

Kaizer was born of the desire to provide the highest quality oils available anywhere in the world suitable for those who will settle for nothing less than the best.

The alpha and omega of Kaizer's mission are quality, purity and healthfulness. We do not refine, heat, or chemically process oils to enhance their shelf life and visual appeal. Processing enhances their appearance and shelf life but also destroys their vitamins, diminishes their flavour, and makes even the "healthy" oils harmful to health in the long run. Kaizer oils preserve nutrients, vitamins, flavour, aroma, and nature's intended healthful properties.

Indeed, life is full of tradeoffs and we are pleased to make the right ones for our health conscious and quality seeking audience.

Our Customers

The first and regular customers of our products are the families of Kaizer's founders. For us to have confidence in our oils, they should be good enough to become the primary oils in our family kitchens.

Our customers range from 6 months to 85 years of age. They are primarily individuals who have made health a life priority, expect the finest in what's available across the world, and have little appetite for adulteration, compromised healthfulness, and deceptive marketing.

Our Oils

The commitment to ourselves and our trusting customers is to find and provide the finest oils. There should be no better oil available anywhere at any price. Our oils cover functions ranging from cooking, drizzle and health. Beyond investing in world class sourcing, we conduct regular, rigorous and comprehensive testing of our oils, to ensure that we deliver on our promise of providing the highest available quality. These certified lab reports are available to our customers upon request. We invite you to add years to your life and health to your years by making our oils your family staple. Lastly, since we do zero chemical (e.g. hexane solvent extraction) and minimal physical processing (filtration, etc.), our oils have shorter shelf lives than their cheaper commercial counterparts. We therefore suggest buying only as much as may be consumed in about six months or so.

The Science

How cooking oils kill you?
Chronic inflammation is widely recognized today as the leading cause behind several chronic diseases - cardio vascular diseases, arthritis, gout, asthma, dementia and others. Among the choices we unwittingly make that increase chronic inflammation and disease risk on a daily basis are the cooking oils in our kitchens. Many of these everyday oils have been marketed to us as healthy but are in fact just the opposite.

There are three primary ways in which oils slowly eat into our health and years.

  • Oils that get readily oxidized at normal cooking temperatures form a potent slow poison for your long term health. Oxidized oils form aldehydes/acetone that then go on to irritate and inflame body functions and organs from liver, lungs, heart, skin, and quite commonly brain thereby accelerating the damage to one's memory, alertness, problem solving capacity, and increasing the severity and frequency of headaches, and probability of being afflicted by Alzheimer's and old age dementia. We commonly attribute such developments to genetics and old age, while its the harmless looking cooking oil that's quite often a key contributor.

  • Heat processing - destroys health preserving and enhancing vitamins and phytochemicals.

  • Chemical processing - dangerous residues left in oil.