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Moringa Oil

Miraculously medicinal oil

Moringa oil, also known as ben oil, is derived from the seeds of the Moringa oleifera tree and is gaining popularity due to its numerous potential health benefits. Kaizer’s cold-pressed moringa oil can be used to supplement the treatment of people with liver disease, hypertension, heart disease, and a variety of inflammations. The taste of the bright yellow oil is reminiscent of sweet peanut oil. Applied topically, it can smooth skin and hair, heal acne, and diminish sunspots.


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Benefits of Products

What makes moringa oil “miraculous”?

This edible oil is pressed from the seed of the most nutritious plant yet discovered.

  • Monounsaturated fatty acids, MUFAs: protects heart and skin
  • Sterols: absorbs bad cholesterol 
  • Vitamin E: protects blood, brain, and skin

Liver healing and detox

Undiagnosed liver disease and damage is more common than is often appreciated. It can be caused by alcohol abuse, food additives, mouth fresheners, viruses, pollutants, adulterants, medications, and exposure to toxic substances.

A healthy liver is vital for a healthy body. The liver metabolises food, regulates blood clotting, and removes toxins from the body. When the liver is under attack day after day, moringa oil can provide protection. It can prevent liver damage, lower enzymes, and regenerate functional cells in the liver.

Fight and prevent common infections

Moringa oil is a powerful natural antimicrobial and antibiotic that is effective against many bacterial and fungal infections. Daily use can protect you from several seasonal diseases.

If you are experiencing antibiotic resistance, it is important to speak to your doctor about starting treatment with moringa oil.

Moringa oil is anti-inflammatory and can soothe rashes, acne, and other skin irritations. It is also an effective treatment for dandruff and dry flaking of the scalp. The fungus that causes dandruff is cleansed away with the anti-microbial properties of the oil while the fatty acids deeply moisturise dry scalp.

Better sleep, deeper relaxation

Falling asleep faster, sleeping deeper, and waking up feeling refreshed, sadly is a dream for so many of us. Moringa oil can help you to get better sleep by causing muscles to relax. It also significantly elevates gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), an important neurotransmitter involved in encouraging sleepiness and calming anxiety. Moringa oil quiets brain activity and provides a hypnotic effect for a good night’s sleep.

Get back the glow in your skin and shine in your hair

Behenic oil is among the most prised skin and hair moisturisers found in nature. It is a key ingredient in many cosmetic products. Moringa oil is a significant source of behenic oil. For this reason, moringa oil is sometimes known as ben-oil.

Moringa oil enhances skin cell longevity when used orally and externally. Moringa oil locks in skin moisture by creating a barrier that keeps pollutants out. The high concentration of vitamin E in moringa oil stops the clock on ageing skin cell damage. Kaizer cold-pressed moringa oil is what you must try if reducing fine wrinkles and brightening dark spots is on your mind. It is non-comedogenic and won’t block pores. In fact, Moringa oil is a fantastic choice as a carrier oil for diluting essential oils used in aromatherapy and in face and body lotions.

Omega-3 in moringa oil traps in moisture to smooth the hair cuticle, protect the hair follicles, and help you grow smooth and lustrous hair.

A note of caution: Moringa oil is a potent medicinal supplement. Pregnant women and individuals who are on medications should consult with their doctor first before using moringa oil.

Recommended uses

Temperature: Supplement your health with ½ to 1 teaspoon daily.

Shelf life: Best used within 6 months of opening. Unopened, best kept for 24 months

Storage: Keep in a cool, dark place

Moringa Oil