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White Sesame Oil

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Kaizer White Sesame Oil is unlike any other sesame oil you have tried. This raw and unprocessed version has a sensory appeal and nutritional value that puts it in a category far above the toasted sesame oils. These heavily toasted oils exclusively line the supermarket shelves. They are nutritionally barren with a strong and crude aroma and taste.

Unlike its commercial counterpart, Kaizer’s cold-pressed white sesame oil is gentle on the senses. It uplifts mood, boosts motivation, and speeds up recovery from fatigue. Toasted sesame oil will do none of this for you.

Temperature: Medium to high heat. The smoke point is 175°C.
Shelf Life: Best used within 6 months of opening. Unopened, best kept for 24 months.
Storage: Refrigerate an open bottle. Because sesame oil is vulnerable to oxidation, it should be kept in the fridge. The oil may become cloudy, but it will not change the flavour when warmed to room temperature.

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White Sesame Oil