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Spanish Olive Oil

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Don’t compromise on taste or the health of your family. Kaizer invites you to feast your taste buds on the most awarded olive oil in the world. There is no olive oil like this calibre in your favourite store, in your city, in your country, or for that matter anywhere in the world.  Kaizer extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) does extraordinary things for your family’s health, when consumed daily. Don’t compromise - choose outstanding flavour AND sound health.

Drizzle our olive oil over a hot meal for a fresh burst of flavour, or use it as a smooth, tasty finishing touch to prepared vegetable dishes, pasta, rice, and meat.

Temperature: Medium-high heat. Not suitable for frying. The smoke point is 190°C.
Shelf Life: Unopened, keep for 24 months. Opened, it is best used within 6 months.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.

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Spanish Olive Oil