Pumpkin Oil Benefits and Uses

Unlock Europe’s secret to longevity and get seduced by its divine aroma

Kaizer brings you an oil that is guaranteed to excite the hardest to impress. This hidden treasure of an oil adds years to your life and life to your years.

Pumpkin seed oil is an unforgettable sensory experience

Create a spectacle for your guests when you serve a soup, main course, or dessert and add a finishing touch of pumpkin seed oil at the table. Poured from the bottle, pumpkin seed oil has a luminescent colour that shifts from dark green to gold to red. The perfume of the oil is unique and unforgettable. When you share the mouth-watering buttery nut flavour, you’re sure to start a trend among your friends and family. There is simply nothing like the exquisite flavour of Kaizer’s pumpkin seed oil, extracted with meticulous care from the finest seeds.

Pumpkin seed oil is as effective as prescription medicine for treating and preventing prostate issues

Get relief. Pumpkin seed oil is particularly effective at shrinking the prostate.1 An enlarged prostate causes frequent and painful urination and discomfort. Daily use of 1-3 tsp of pumpkin seed oil will take pressure off the urethra and do wonders for your quality of life by:

  • Reducing frequency of urination
  • Easing passing of urine
  • Helping you sleep through the night
  • Relieving lower back pain

Women’s health and pumpkin seed oil

Breast cancer

Pumpkin seed oil has a weapon against breast cancer called phytoestrogen. These plant compounds are nature’s trick to reduce the health damaging impact of excessive amounts of estrogen hormone. Larger amounts of estrogen, commonly produced during perimenopause, are associated with breast and other hormone-dependant tumours.2,3

Hot flashes

Phytoestrogens are nature’s solution for the nuisance of hot flashes.4 Used regularly; pumpkin seed oil can reduce the frequency of hot flashes.

Uninterrupted sleep with pumpkin seed oil

No one likes a 3 am trip to the bathroom. Pumpkin seed oil has many astonishing properties including the ability to calm an overactive bladder.Pumpkin seed oil provides a much-needed full night of sleep.

Stop organ deterioration with pumpkin seed oil

Switch to pumpkin seed oil and halt the damage to your liver and heart. Replacing traditional heavy fats with cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil reduces the incidence of stroke, heart disease, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Lower the risk of all of these terrible diseases with Kaizer pumpkin seed oil.6

Fight 3 more diseases with pumpkin seed oil

High in nutritional value, complete with healthy fats, and infused with biologically active ingredients, pumpkin seed oil does wonders to lower:

  • High glucose levels7
  • High blood pressure8
  • High cholesterol9

Halt hair loss with pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkin seed oil outperforms minoxidil.10 Pumpkin seed oil prevents hair from falling out due to hormonal changes that affect both men and women. Pumpkin seed oil blocks the hormone DHT, which makes hair follicles shrink and ultimately weaken the hair.11 Supplement your diet with pumpkin seed oil and apply a thin coating to the scalp for healthy hair growth.

Creative ideas for preparing foods with pumpkin seed oil

Add the sophisticated flavour of pumpkin seed oil to a salad with cucumbers, beets or pomegranates. Finish soups with a luscious toasty drizzle just before serving. Try on top of prepared daal, pasta, fish, and meats. Pumpkin seed oil pairs exceptionally well with vanilla ice cream and other milk-based desserts. Don’t stop there, start dreaming about treating yourself to an aromatic smoothie made with pumpkin seed oil.

Suggested use

Temperature: Pumpkin seed oil is unsuitable for heating. It is best used raw to realise its numerous health benefits.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.
Shelf life: Use within six months of opening. Unopened bottles can be stored for 24 months.

The science behind pumpkin seed oil for your health

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